Unknown Hoyas
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  H. sp. 151 H. sp. central Kalimantan AP1209
  Moved to H. wallichii AP1209
  H. sp. 152 H. sp. central Kalimantan AP1210  
  Moved to H. wallichii AP1210
  H. sp. 153 H. sp. aff. wallichii AP1211 
  Moved to H. wallichii AP1211
  Johor, Malaysia
  H. sp. 154 H. sp. aff. uncinata AP1208   
  H. sp. 155 H. sp. AP1214   Betong, Yala province, Southern Thailand.
  H. sp. 156
Moved to H. sp. aff. campanulata AP1215
  H. sp. 157 H. sp. aff. campanulata AP1216   Malaysia
  H. sp. 158 H. sp. Thailand AP1217   Betong, Yala province

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