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  H. sp. 51 H. sp. Thailand AP1104   Northern Thailand, Chiangrai province.
  H. sp. 52 Sukirin, Naratiwat province, southern Thailand.
  Moved to H. forbesii.
  H. sp. 53 H. sp. aff. odorata AP1105   Philippines
  H. sp. 54 H. sp. aff. incrassata AP1115    Philippines
  H. sp. 55 H. sp. aff. micrantha AP1039   Chantaburi province, Thailand
  H. sp. 56 H. sp. aff. crassicaulis AP1113   Philippines
  H. sp. 57 AP1116
  Betong, Yala province, southern Thailand.
  Moved to H. mappigera
  H. sp. 58 H. aff. multiflora AP1117   Malaysia near Thai border.
  H. sp. 59 H. sp. Thailand AP1126   Thap Lan National Park, Thailand
  H. sp. 60 H. sp. Philippines AP1128   It is not H. anncajanoae.
  H. sp. 61 H. sp. Indonesia UT030   Halmahera, Indonesia
  H. sp. 62 H. sp. Thailand AP1122   Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary, Nong Khai Province,
  H. sp. 63 moved to H. angustisepala AP1129
  H. sp. 64 H. sp. aff. lazaroi AP1130 Philippines   Moved to H. lazaroi AP1130
  H. sp. 65 H. sp. Borneo UT011   Borneo
  H. sp. 66 H. sp. aff. erythrostemma AP1132   Betong, Yala province, Thailand
  H. sp. 67 H. sp. aff. erythrostemma AP1133   Gua Musang, Kelantan, Malaysia
  H. sp. 68 H. sp. aff. campanulata AP1134   Peninsular Malaysia
  H. sp. 69 H. sp. aff. multiflora AP1131   
  Flat stemmed multiflora
  Quang Ninh, Vietnam
  H. sp. 70 H. sp. aff. lii AP1136   Thailand
  Moved to H. lii
  H. sp. 71 H. sp. aff. heuschkeliana  
  H. sp. 72 H. sp. Sulawesi UT084  Manado Tao, Sulawesi
  H. sp. 73 H. sp. Java UT012   Indonesia
  H. sp. 74 H. sp. West Timore UT036  
  H. sp. 75 H. sp. Flores Island UT039  
  H. sp. 76 AP1142   No locality
  H. sp. 77 H. sp. Flores Island UT038  
  H. sp. 78 H. sp. Philippines AP1143   Moved to H. lucardenasiana AP1143
  H. sp. 79 H. sp. Philippines AP1144   Philippines
  H. sp. 80 H. sp. Philippines AP1145   Benguet, Philippines
  H. sp. 81 H. sp. Malaysia AP1146   Sabah, Malaysia
  H. sp. 82 UT174 H. sp. aff. danumensis   Poring hot spring, Borneo
  H. sp. 83 H. sp. Philippines AP1151   Philippines
  H. sp. 84 H. sp. Thailand AP1124
  (Hoya obscurinervia)
  Wiang Pa Pao, Chiangrai province, Thailand
  H. sp. 85 H. sp. Laos AP1152   Laos
  H. sp. 86 H. sp. Thailand AP1156  
  H. sp. 87 H. sp. Thailand AP1157   H. pottsii var. angustifolia
  H. sp. 88 H. sp. Thailand   Doi Tung
  H. sp. 89 H. sp. Indonesia UT033   Sumba, Lesser Sunda, Indonesia
  H. sp. 90 H. sp. Thailand EPC-293
  Western Thailand
  Moved to H. mirabilis
  H. sp. 91 H. sp. Thailand AP1159   Sukirin, Narathiwat Province, Southern Thailand
  H. sp. 92 H. sp. aff. coriacea/angustisepala  
  H. sp. 93 H. sp. Philippines AP1161   Found in the marker as H. buotii, H. alagensis or
  H. halconensis.
  H. sp. 94 H. sp. Philippines AP1171  
  H. sp. 95 H. sp. aff. multiflora AP1166   Thailand
  H. sp. 96 H. sp. aff. multiflora AP1167   Thailand
  H. sp. 97 H. sp. aff. caudata AP1164   Thailand. Moved to H. soidaoensis
  H. sp. 98 H. sp. aff. lasiantha AP1165
  H. sp. 99 H. sp. aff. cystiantha   No locality
  H. sp.100 H. sp. Thailand AP1160   Sukirin, Narathiwat Province, Southern Thailand

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