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  H. sp. 1
  พบที่ พะเนินทุ่ง แก่งกระจาน
  Panerntung, Ganggrajarn national park
    H. sp. 2 Removed  
  H sp. 3
  H. sp. aff. bella
  H. sp. 4
  H. sp. Northern Thailand
  H. sp. 5 moved to H. chinghungensis   H. sp. Northern Thailand
  H. sp. 6
  Kinabaru, Malaysia
  H. sp. 7 Moved to H. rotundiflora
  Rectangle leaf
  H. sp. Rectangle leaf, Burma
  It seems more adequate to say Rectangle leaf than
  Square leaf.
  H. sp. 8
  H. sp. 9
  H. sp. aff. engleriana AP1082
  H. sp. 10 Moved to H. platycaulis
  H. sp. flat stem
  H. sp. 11
  H. sp. aff pachyclada red edged AP1041
  Moved to H. subquintuplinervis AP1041
  H. sp. 12
  H. sp. cf. IML 1535 AP1019



  H. sp. 13
  H. sp. aff obscura AP1003
  H. sp. 14
  H. sp. Doi Tung AP1020
    H. sp. 15 Removed   
  H. sp. 16
  H. sp. aff. mindorensis (yellow), AP1080
  Moved to H. mindorensis 'Yellow' AP1080
  H. sp. 17
  H. sp. Loei province AP1023
  H. sp. 18
  H. sp. aff. campanulata, Padawan limestone hill, Sarawak   AP1017
  H. sp. 19
  Moved to H. campanulata, Kuala Lumpua AP1016
  Peninsular Malaysia
  H. sp. 20
  H. sp. Sulawesi AP1045
  H. sp. 21
  H. sp. Johore AP1021
  Peninsular Malaysia
  H. sp. 22
  H. sp. Laos AP1022
  H. sp. 23
  H. sp. Philippines AP1046
  H. sp. 24
  H. sp. aff. carnosa AP1018
  H. sp. 25
  H. sp. Sulawesi AP1043
  H. sp. 26
  H. sp. Sulawesi AP1044
  Sulawesi. Came together with H. sp. 25.
  H. sp. 27
  H. sp. aff. multiflora AP1002
  H. sp. 28
  H. sp. aff. multiflora AP1004
  H. sp. 29
  H. sp. Samal Island AP1047
  H. sp. 30
     H. sp. 31 Removed   
  H. sp. 32
  H. sp. Kalimantan IML1168
  H. sp. 33
  H. sp. 34
  Quezon, Philippines
  Moved to H. landgrantensis
  H. sp. 35
  From Poonsak
  H. sp. 36
  From Poonsak
  H. sp. 37
  Very large leaf
  H. sp. 38
  From Poonsak. Moved to H. pallida AP1059
  H. sp. 39
  From Loei province H. parasitica???
  H. sp. 40
  H. sp. 41
  Northern Thailand. Probably H. liangii.
  H. sp. 42
  Southern Thailand
  Clear sap
  H. sp. 43
  Southern Thailand
  H. sp. 44
  Looks like H. chinghungensis x engleriana
  H. sp. 45
  Northeast Thailand
  H. sp. 46
  H. sp. aff. scortechinii AP1096
  Peninsular Malaysia
  H. sp. 47
  Peninsular Malaysia
  H. sp. 48
  Peninsular Malaysia
  May be H. revoluta.
  H. sp. 49
   Southern Thailand, Betong, Yala province.
   Clear sap.
  H. sp. 50
   Southern Thailand, Betong, Yala province.

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