Unknown Hoyas
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   H. sp. 101 H. sp. Borneo UT168 (Clear sap)  
  H. sp. 102 H. sp. Pola   Mindoro, Philippines
  H. sp. 103 H. sp. Sarawak 97002 GPS10073   
  H. sp. 104 H. sp. PNG SV422  
  H. sp. 105 H. sp. Thailand AP1172   Betong, Yala province.
  H. sp. 106 H. sp. Malaysia AP1173    Kuching, Sarawak.
  H. sp. 107 H. sp. Sulawesi UT031  
  H. sp. 108 H. sp. Thailand UT072   Krabi province เขานอจู้จี้ จ.กระบี่
  H. sp. 109 H. sp. Indonesia UT029   Hamahera
  H. sp. 110 H. sp. Thailand UT054  
  H. sp. 111 H. sp. Sulawesi UT068   Pakuli
  H. sp. 112 H. sp. aff. finlaysonii AP1175   Betong, Yala province, southern Thailand
  H. sp. 113 H. sp. Thailand IML1438   Hat Som Paen, Ranong province
  หาดส้มแป้น ระนอง
  H. sp. 114 H. sp. Philippines AP1180   North Cotabato, Kidapawan
  H. sp. 115 H. sp. Malaysia AP1181   Kutching, Sarawak
  H. sp. 116 H. sp. Tsang  
  H. sp. 117 H. sp. Pahang  
  H. sp. 118 H. sp. Philippine AP1182  
  H. sp. 119 H. sp. NS05-142   Morobe Province PNG
  H. sp. 120 H. sp. GPS7752   Sulawesi
  H. sp. 121 H. sp. NS00-004  
  H. sp. 122 H. sp. Estella waterfall IML1256  
  H. sp. 123 H. sp. UT010   Sinsingon Highlands, Sulawesi
  H. sp. 124 H. sp. ETS10  
  H. sp. 125 H. sp. AP1186   Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand
  H. sp. 126 H. sp. SV412  
  H. sp. 127 H. sp. SV417  
  H. sp. 128 H. sp. SV419  
  H. sp. 129 H. sp. SV435  
  H. sp. 130 H. sp. NS00-008   Marinduque. Philippines
  H. sp. 131 H. sp. SV441   PNG
  H. sp. 132 H. sp. mini kentiana  
  H. sp. 133 H. sp. PNG SV432  
  H. sp. 134 H. sp. Malaysia  
  H. sp. 135 H. sp. UT150  
  H. sp. 136 H. sp. aff. soligamiana AP1189   Philippines
  H. sp. 137 H. sp. Malaysia AP1190   Bentang, Bekok, Johor
  H. sp. 138 H. sp. Tangkoko AP1191  
  H. sp. 139 H. sp. Irian Jaya AP1192  
  H. sp. 140 H. sp. Jampuhan AP1193   Bali, Indonesia
  H. sp. 141 H. sp. Bekok AP1194   Malaysia

  H. sp. 142 H. sp. Picox AP1195

  Mindanao, Philippines
  H. sp. 143 Moved to Hoya campanulata yellow.   
  H. sp. 144 UT005   Northern Vietnam
  H. sp. 145 H. sp. Borneo AP1198 Hoya undulata  
  H. sp. 146 H. sp. aff. caudata AP1202   Betong, Yala province, southern Thailand.
  H. sp. 147 H. sp. aff. caudata AP1203   Betong, Yala province, southern Thailand.
  H. sp. 148 H. sp. Cameron Highlands AP1206   Peninsular Malaysia
  H. sp. 149 H. sp. aff. campanulata AP1208   Peninsular Malaysia
  H. sp. 150 H. sp. aff. langrantensis AP1213   Philippines

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