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ชื่อ (Names)
  H. nabawanensis IML1780   Sabah
  H. naumanii  
  H. neo-caledonica  
  H. neo-ebudica  
  H. nervosa  
    I place H. pottsii found in Australia as H. nicholsoniae because its leafs don't have 3 veins from
  base as H. pottsii's key.
  H. nicholsoniae (Budabadoo) IML0489  
  H. nicholsoniae (Cooper's Creek) IML0353  
  H. nicholsoniae (Davies Creek Qld.) IML0020  
  H. nicholsoniae (Kuranda) IML0039  
  H. nicholsoniae (Mount Lewis) IML0616  
  H. nicholsoniae (PNG USDA 354243) IML0086  
  H. nummularioides   Thailand
  H. nummularioides - white corona AP1158   Thailand
  H. oblanceolata  
  H. oblongataGPS10111  
  H. obovatavariegata  
  H. obscura  
  H. obscura var. longipedunculata  
  H. obscura - variagata (set to private)  
  H. obtusifolia  
  H. obscurinervia AP1124   Wiang Pa Pao, Chiangrai province, Thailand
  H. odetteae   See H. tsangii
  H. oreogena  
  H. ovalifolia   The correct name should be H. balansae.

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