Hoya herbarium sheets

Holotype (type specimen) = the one specimen or illustration designated by the author as the nomenclature type: it is the specimen that fixes the application of the name concerned. The key (final) specimen.

Isotype = a duplicate of a Holotype.

   H. acuta see H. parasitica
   H. burtoniae (holotype)
   H. elmeri (holotype)
   H. gildingii (holotype)
   H. loherii (holotype)
   H. liangii (isotype)
   H. nyhussiae (holotype)
   H. parasitica
   H. recurvula (holotype)
   H. rizaliana (holotype)
   H. sipitangensis (holotype)
   H. walliniana (holotype)
   H. wibergiae (holotype)

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