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  Panama Pink
  Z. x flaggii (Z. albiella x rosea)
  Paul Niemi
  (grandiflora x citrina)
  Peach comet
  Peony Pink
  Persimmon Velvet
  Pink Angela
  Pink Beauty
  Pink Comet
  Pink Diamond
  Pink Fireworks
  Pink Horizon original ต้นดั้งเดิม
  Pink Lady
  Prairie Sunset
  (Possible parents: Z. Capricorn x candida)
  Preaw Chompoo แพรวชมพู
  Preaw Chompoo แพรวชมพู (2)
  Preaw Chompoo แพรวชมพู (3)
  Peachy - see Prairie Sunset
  Pride of Singapore
  Hybridizer: Fadjar Marta, Indonesia
  Prim Proudly
  Pure of White Dew
  Red Devil
  Red Star
  Rose Perfection
  Zephyranthes rosea x grandiflora
  Rustic Ray
  Ruth Page
  Sagittatius ส้มอินโด
  San Antonio
  Scarlet O'hara
  Scarlet Pimpernal
  Siam Sunset บัวดินสีส้ม
  Siam-Indo See Balleriana
    Snow Angel
  Summer Passion
  Sunset Strain
  Sweet Heart
  Sweet Memories
  Tenexico Apricot
  Tenexico light pink
  Tenexico White
  Twinkle Strain
  Twisted Sister

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