Nepenthes Species




   N. alata Lowland variety

  Lowland   Malaysia, Philippines, Sumatra

   N. albo-marginata

  Lowland   Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo

   N. ampullaria Green

  Lowland   Malaysia, New Guinea,
  Borneo, Sumatra
   N. ampullaria Spotted
   N. ampullaria Spotted (Red)
   N. ampullaria 'Giant Red'
   N. ampullaria 'Sunshine'
  N. ampullaria Brunei Red 50
   N. ampullaria Brunei Red 54
   N. ampullaria 'Hot Lips'
   N. ampullaria 'Lava Flows'
   N.bellii   Lowland  

   N. bicalcarata

  Lowland   Borneo

   N. campanulata

  Lowland   Borneo
   N. clipeata   Lowland   Borneo
   N. danseri   Lowland  
   N. distillatoria Pink   Lowland     Sri Lanka
   N. distillatoria Purple
   N. distillatoria Yellow

   N. eustarchya

  Lowland   Sumatra

   N. faizaliana

  Intermediate   Borneo

   N. hirsuta

  Lowland   Borneo
   N. khasiana   Intermediate   India
   N. macrovulgaris   Lowland   Borneo
   N. maxima   Intermediate /   highland   Celebes, Borneo, New Guinea
   N. maxima (Borone)
   N. mindanaoensis   Intermediate   The Philippines
    N. mirabilis   Lowland   Wide spread throughout south east
   Asia  and  northern Australia
    N. mirabilis Kuraburi
    N. mirabilis Squat
    N. mirabilis Variegated
  Lowland   This clone is from Thailand
    N. northiana   Lowland   Malaysia

   N. rafflesiana Elongata

  Lowland   Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo
   N. rafflesiana 'Giant Dark'
   N. rafflesiana Johore spotted
   N. rafflesiana 'Kondo'
   N. rafflesiana (Sandakan)
   N. rafflesiana 'Squat Red'
   N. reinwardtiana Sumatra   Lowland   Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo
    N. reinwardtiana var. samarindaensis
    N. reinwardtiana Kapit
    N. reinwardtiana Borneo
   N. sanguinea   Intermediate /   highland   Malaysia
   N. sp. 1   Lowland   Cambodia
   N. sp. 2   Lowland   Cambodia
   N. sp. 3 (False Viking)   Lowland   Thai peninsular
   N. sp. 4   Lowland   Sarawak, Malaysia
   N. sp. 5   Lowland   Thai peninsular
   N. sp. 6   Lowland   Thai peninsular
   N. sp. 7   Lowland   Cambodia
   N. sp. 8   Lowland   Southern Thailand
   N. sp. 9   Lowland   An island in southern Thailand
   N. sp. 'Viking' (N. globosa)   Lowland   An island in southern Thailand
   N. sumatrana   Lowland   Sumatra

   N. tobaica

  Highland   Sumatra

   N. truncata

  Lowland   The Philippines

   N. veitchii

  Lowland   Borneo
   N. ventricosa   Highland   The Philippines